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Top 10 Green Meeting Apps

Meeting Apps


  • Seafood Watch. Stay on top of which restaurants and caterers are sourcing ocean-friendly seafood and sushi. Planners can use detailed information to make educated and environmentally sound decisions.
  • Green Travel Choice. How large is the carbon footprint of your group travel? Find out with a GPS-based map that calculates CO2 emissions from a wide variety of transportation options.
  • GoodGuide. Using a database of 17,000 products, app users scan barcodes to reveal if they are purchasing safe, healthy, green and socially responsible items.
  • Green Tips! Making it easy to be green, this app generates a new tip each time it is opened and then saves it to a list for future reference.
  • Route4Me. Find the most direct route to your destination through Route4Me. It gathers your destinations and helps you find the optimal route, saving planners money in the long run.
  • SoundNote. This app allows the user to take both typed and audio notes with ease. For simple playback, tap a word and the recording will find that exact spot.
  • Bamboo Paper. Create virtual notebooks for your iPad, turning it into a paperless communication tool that’s great for meetings.
  • Bump. Exchange anything from contact information to photos by bumping two phones together. This app works well between any Droid or iPhone.
  • Conference CO2 Calculator. Keep the air clean with an app that calculates CO2 emissions from your conference attendees and pinpoints a less impactful location.
  • Green Globe. Entertain and house guests the green way by finding sustainable resorts, hotels, conference centers, attractions and activities through Green Globe.

Article by Ada Walton, Digital Content Editor
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