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Choosing the Perfect Event Theme

Choosing the Theme

Choosing a theme can make things easier by bringing a need for consistency and it’s tempting to just go with something fun, but you still need to consider every factor. For instance, what kind of theme would the attendees or audience appreciate?

You may need to find out what events they have enjoyed attending in the past. If guests at the event aren’t all members of your organization, then finding that information could be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort.

If the event you’re planning is more corporate or internal in nature, like a meeting or conference, then you could just ask around early on in the planning process to get ideas for possible themes.


Then, think about your goals. Why are you having the event? Is it to increase the engagement level of employees or build your brand identity and culture? Is your intention to generate more leads for your business and spread your brand message?

If it’s a charity event, what’s the organization’s mission? The point is, while you can go with an old movie theme, a music genre, a historical event, an exotic location, etc., the who and why must absolutely factor into the decision.

For instance, a Fast & Furious or Grand Prix theme may be appropriate for a fast-paced business’ incentive meetings, but may not work as well at a fundraising event for some kind of medical research.

The last thing you want to do is distract from or dilute your mission or message because you failed to do the proper research and ended up choosing a theme that doesn’t suit the event’s objectives or the personalities of the attendees.

Example of how Fresh Events carried out themes at events

IMG_2150Literary Themed Wedding –
Josh and Alison met at a bookstore
and realized their love of books
and each other.

PPT Welcome

Take a Walk on the Wildside
LPSF Spirit Celebration at the
Wildlife Experience where guests
walked through the various exhibits
and enjoyed food and beverage stations.

Photobooth art v1A Roaring Mardi Gras –
A speakeasy themed Mardi Gras
gala complete with prohibition era
cocktails, gaming parlor and
swinging band