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Best Practices to Use Pinterest to Promote Events

Pinterest is a great tool to use in event planning and can add inspiration as well as making organisation easier.


Pinterest – What is it?

Pinterest is the latest social media phenomena; it is a virtual pinboard that allows users to create their own pinboards with images and videos from the web. In a similar way to Twitter or Facebook, users are allowed to create a profile which they can link to their other web presences. Key for businesses is the ability to add a link to the pin of a photo. This means businesses can use Pinterest to share interesting pictures and then drive traffic to the websites.

Important to note though is that Pinterest’s rules forbid anyone using it purely as a tool for self-promotion, therefore any event planners setting up a pin board must ensure their board has balanced content.

How it can help event planning?

If you work in the event planning industry or are planning your own event from a wedding to a birthday party, Pinterest can help your event on multiple levels.


Pinterest can make event planning much easier because it allows a new form of brainstorming to come up with event ideas. With a wealth of beautiful pictures to draw inspiration from, event planners simply need to type in a word and they will find multiple pinboards relating to the topic of their choice. Event planners can position and gather ideas for a pinboard for nearly everything from decoration to clothes to drinks.

Consider creating multiple boards; it is often easier to keep everything organised if you devote separate boards to food, flowers etc.

Crowdsource for ideas

Request ideas from followers and suggest that people pin photos of their thoughts to your own board. It is a very efficient way of getting the best ideas for a project and you will be amazed by the results. It is also a great tool to improve audience engagement to ones event planning business.

Generating Hype

Once a Pinterest board is created it can be shared. Event organisers can use their board as a social media tool to create excitement about their event.


Pinterest allows you to view all the images you have saved in a systematic and organised matter.

Event Marketing

Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to event information or a website; it has been found to drive more traffic to blogs than twitter. In fact, this form of social media marketing is thought to be changing the face of entrepreneurship today. Use the board to showcase your own event stylings or feature particular venues and destinations you offer. The board can be a virtual portfolio creating interest, transferring customers to your website and offering further information to attendees.

After Event

When the event is over event planners can still use the platform to encourage participants to post images, share feedback and build relationships for future events. If the event you were planning was a business meeting consider using your board to share or summarise content. This can even be user created, for example encourage event attendees to post photos that they perceive as event highlights.

Use the board after the event to ask where improvements could be made, review the pictures where your clients think could be improved and what were the best parts.

Encourage attendees to post in their own boards. This form of community involvement will give attendees a feel of what others thought of the event, create an overarching picture of the event as well as a little free positive advertising.

Pinterest is one of the most fun and useful social media channels available today. All event planners should spend time exploring the opportunities this medium offers.

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Author Bio:  Helen is a Marketing Assistant for the e-commerce websites www.clothes2order.com and www.polo-shirts.co.uk and regularly organises event promotions through their Pinterest Page.

Photo Credit: Bunches and Bits {Karina}