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Benefits Of Having An Event Planner


If you would like to save time and money while gaining experience and peace of mind, then let Fresh Events take the lead and you take the credit!


As a professional event planner, I have the advantage of knowing what and where the best resources are. I will eliminate weeks of hassle scouting venues, finding and contracting with reliable vendors, and any of the other countless, time-consuming details associated with planning a successful event. You will be freed up to tackle the tasks and issues critical to the success of your company.


We can save you money because we have experience planning events in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. Working in the nonprofit industry for over 12 years, it has given me an advantage of being creative and resourceful while working within my budget.  I know what to look for in booking vendors or a location to fit within your budget. We can offer creative, fresh ideas to suit any financial plan and because of our many contacts and resources, in many instances, we are able to further reduce your expenses.


Fresh Events has over 15 years of experience and expertise. Fresh Events has helped raised over 2 million in funds and has planned hundreds of events from big to small.  Fresh Events has the expertise in event planning and production, the know-how in marketing and public relations and is highly proficient in fundraising and philanthropy.


If you are trying to impress clients, raise money, thank employees or build relationships, you want to be sure that everything is done right. We are dedicated to ensuring that your event is not only enjoyable and successful, but is as stress-free as possible. You will not need to spend time worrying about small details and possible problems, allowing you to focus on the guests attending your event.